Voulez-vous renommer « lien » à « lien(2) »? [221], The NHC began to monitor a tropical wave over Africa early on September 7. On June 19, the NHC began monitoring an area of disturbed weather off the southeastern U.S. coast for possible subtropical development in the short term. [318] Eventually, 50 knots of wind shear began to take its toll on Vicky, and its wind speed began to fall. [211] At 15:00 UTC on August 20, the NHC designated the wave as Tropical Depression Fourteen. [398] Three hours later, the system strengthened into Tropical Storm Epsilon,[53] and then gradually intensified the following day as it completed a small counter-clockwise loop. [171] The system's circulation grew increasingly better organized during the day, and at 21:00 UTC was designated Tropical Depression Eleven. It regained Category 3 status in the Gulf of Mexico before weakening again and making its second landfall in Louisiana on October 9. [12] TSR updated their forecast on April 7, predicting 16 named storms, 8 hurricanes, 3 major hurricanes, and an ACE index of 130 units. Damage and deaths include totals while the storm was extratropical, a wave, or a low. Joyeux Noël Olivier… Et lecteurs ! ", "Tropical Storm Vicky becomes 20th named storm of the 2020 season, 5 named storms currently in Atlantic", "Tropical Storm Wilfred forms in the Atlantic", "Here's What Happens If a Tropical Storm or Hurricane With a Greek Alphabet Name Needs to Be Retired", "2020 hurricane season exhausts regular list of names", "Hurricanes Eta and Iota brought disaster to Central America. Exposition à venir. This also made 2020 the only recorded season with two major hurricanes in November. At 15:00 UTC on August 1, Isaias made landfall on North Andros, Bahamas with winds around 80 mph (130 km/h), and the system weakened to a tropical storm at 21:00 UTC. Tropical Storm Dolly also formed in June. August saw the formations of tropical storms Josephine and Kyle, and hurricanes Laura and Marco. [113] The disturbance moved inland in the Florida Panhandle by 12:00 UTC July 6. [244] Dry air entrainment gave the storm a somewhat ragged appearance, but it continued to slowly strengthen as it approached Bermuda with its eye clearing out and its convection becoming more symmetric. [358] Shortly thereafter, at around 16:45 UTC, Gamma made landfall near Tulum, Quintana Roo, at peak strength with winds of 70 mph (110 km/h) and a pressure of 980 mb. [232] Hundreds of acres of banana and plantation crops were destroyed in Belize, where a peak wind speed of 61 mph (98 km/h) was reported at a weather station in Carrie Bow Cay. Der Film ist eine Co-Produktion von Chapter 2, Pathé, M6 Films, Fargo Films, CN8 Productions, Belga Productions und Onyx Films in Zusammenarbeit mit Cofimage 30, Cofinova 15, La Banque Postale Image 12, Belga Film Fund mit Beteiligung von Canal+, Cine+, M6, W9. [146], The National Hurricane Center first began tracking a vigorous tropical wave off the coast of Africa on July 23. Potential retirement of any 2020 names will be discussed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) during the joint 42nd and 43rd Sessions of the RA IV Hurricane Committee in the spring of 2021 (along with any names from the 2019 season, since the spring 2020 session was cancelled by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic). [123], Early on July 20, the NHC began monitoring a tropical wave over the central tropical Atlantic for possible development. As Cristobal moved very slowly inland, it weakened back down to tropical depression status as the overall structure of the storm deteriorated. Impacts were relatively minor. Les régions routières sont disponibles dans le bulletin de prévisions de l'Alberta entre Lac Louise et Jasper. The organization posted significantly heightened probabilities for hurricanes tracking through the Caribbean and hurricanes striking the U.S. The storm began accelerating northwards on June 5[91] and by 18:00 UTC that day, despite being situated inland over the Yucatán Peninsula, Cristobal re-intensified back to tropical storm status. [38] Over the ensuing 24 hours, Hanna underwent rapid intensification as its inner core and convection became better organized. Texas governor Greg Abbott announced the deployment of 17 COVID-19 mobile testing teams focused on shelters and 100 medical personnel provided by the Texas National Guard. [151][152] It then turned north-northwest, paralleling the east coast of Florida and Georgia while fluctuating between 65–70 mph (105–113 km/h) wind speeds. After making a second landfall in Kenedy County, Texas at the same intensity at 23:15 UTC, the system then began to rapidly weaken, dropping to tropical depression status at 22:15 UTC the next day after crossing into Northeastern Mexico. [305] As Teddy began to undergo an exgtratropical transition on September 22, while moving toward Nova Scotia, its windfield expanded greatly, with hurricane-force winds extending outward up to 150 mi (240 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extending outward up to 550 mi (890 km). [406] Epsilon dropped below hurricane intensity at 21:00 UTC that evening,[407] and completed its post-tropical transition by 03:00 UTC on October 26. [359] Gamma weakened some as it passed over the northern Yucatán,[360] then emerged over the southern Gulf of Mexico early on October 4, with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph (95 km/h). Découvrez quels sont les dix principaux événements météorologiques de l’année. [482] At 06:00 UTC on November 16, hurricane hunters aircraft reported that Iota had become a Category 3 hurricane. [236][237] In the early hours of September 7, the wave became more organized, and the NHC began issuing advisories for Tropical Depression Seventeen at 03:00 UTC on September 7. [215] Even so, strong southwesterly wind shear soon displaced the storm's convection, exposing its low-level center, which caused the system to weaken. October and November were extremely active with seven named storms, four of which intensified into major hurricanes – twice the number recorded during this period in any prior season. [101], On July 1, a cluster of thunderstorms known as a mesoscale convective vortex formed over the northern Tennessee Valley and slowly moved southeastwards. ! [229] Over the next four days, system gradually organized and acquired gale-force winds and at 06:00 UTC on September 1, it developed into a tropical storm. Edwards Declares State of Emergency in Advance of Hurricane Delta", "Hurricane Delta Brought Significant Storm Surge, Heavy Rainfall and Strong Winds to Parts of Louisiana, Texas (RECAP)", "Yucatán: Abuelito muere al asegurar su casa por paso de huracán Delta en Tizimín", "Mérida: Inundaciones en Fracc Las Américas provocan que mujer muera electrocutada", "2 drown in rip currents in Northwest Florida over weekend", "Louisiana Department of Health verifies two Hurricane Delta-related deaths", "Tropical Depression Twenty-Seven Special Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Storm Epsilon Discussion Number 6", "Hurricane Epsilon Intermediate Advisory Number 12A", "Hurricane Epsilon Forecast Discussion Number 15", "Disturbance in the western Caribbean likely to become Tropical Storm Zeta", "Tropical Storm Epsilon Advisory Number 28", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Epsilon Advisory Number 29", "What the Met Office say about Hurricane Epsilon hitting this week", "Hurricane Epsilon sends huge waves to NI coastline", "Hurricane Epsilon Ireland: Met Eireann pinpoints when beast will cause hell in Dublin as weather warnings issued", "Tropical Storm Epsilon Advisory Number 6", "Hurricane Epsilon Swerves by Bermuda After a 'Wobbly' Northwest Turn", "Tropical Depression Twenty-Eight Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Storm Zeta Intermediate Advisory Number 2A", "Tropical Storm Zeta Discussion Number 8", "Tropical Storm Zeta Discussion Number 13", "Tropical Storm Zeta Discussion Number 14", "Hurricane Zeta Intermediate Advisory Number 14A", "Tropical Storm Zeta Intermediate Advisory Number 18A", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Zeta Intermediate Advisory Number 20A...Corrected", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Zeta Advisory Number 21", "Jamaica Impacted by Days of Severe Weather from Tropical Storm Zeta", "Hurricane Zeta downs trees, power lines as it crosses Yucatan Peninsula", "6 dead, thousands without power after Zeta lashes Southern states", "6 dead, millions powerless as Zeta roars across southern, eastern US", "WEATHER U: The science behind the snowicane", "Tropical Depression Twenty-Nine Discussion Number 1", "Hurricane Eta Intermediate Advisory Number 10A", "Tropical Depression Eta Advisory Number 26", "Tropical Storm Eta Tropical Cyclone Update", "Tropical Storm Eta Intermediate Advisory Number 45A", "Tropical Storm Eta Intermediate Advisory Number 49A", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Eta Discussion Number 52", "Hurricane Eta pounds Nicaragua as Category 4 storm", "Eta wreaks 'shocking' Central America devastation, dozens dead", "Guatemala agradece a Brigada Médica de Cuba apoyo a damnificados (+Fotos)", "El Salvador reports first death from tropical storm Eta", "Ascienden a 62 las víctimas por la tormenta tropical Eta", "Aumentan a 27 las muertes en México por el paso del ciclón Eta", "Woman in Guatemalan village hit by Storm Eta loses 22 members of her family", "Record-breaking Hurricane Iota to bring dangerous flooding to Central America", "Storm Eta Moves Toward Caymans, Bahamas, Cuba", "Eta makes landfall on Cuba with 65 mph winds as death toll skyrockets in Central America", "Tropical storm warning in effect for South Florida, Treasure Coast ahead of Eta", "Tropical Storm Eta Floods Florida Homes, Businesses and Shuts Down Streets; 1 Person Electrocuted", "Tropical Storm Eta drops more rain on South Florida", "Tropical Storm Eta makes landfall in the Florida Keys", "Subtropical Storm Theta Advisory Number 1", "Subtropical Storm Theta Tropical Cyclone Update", "Tropical Storm Theta Discussion Number 6", "Tropical Storm Theta Discussion Number 13", "Tropical Storm Theta Discussion Number 18", "Tropical Depression Theta Advisory Number 22", "Post-Tropical Cyclone Theta Advisory Number 23", "Tropical Depression Thirty-One Advisory Number 1", "Tropical Storm Iota Discussion Number 2", "Tropical Storm Iota Intermediate Advisory Number 5A", "Hurricane Iota Intermediate Advisory Number 7A", "Hurricane Iota Intermediate Advisory Number 11A", "Huracán Iota: devastación en Providencia, daños en Nicaragua y alto riesgo en Honduras y Guatemala", "Tropical Storm Iota Intermediate Advisory Number 17A", "Tropical Depression Iota Advisory Number 20...Corrected", "Why 2019's Hurricane Dorian Wasn't Retired by the World Meteorological Organization", "Would Greek alphabet storms get retired if criteria met? [390][391][392] The hurricane and its remnants produced heavy rain, strong winds, storm surge, and tornadoes across much of the Southeastern United States. [142] As the hurricane approached landfall, local officials underscored the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic when warning residents living in flood-prone neighborhoods about the prospect of evacuation. [469] At 03:00 UTC on November 10, it developed into Subtropical Storm Theta[470] Satellite images received shortly before 14:00 UTC that afternoon revealed that the storm had sustained winds of 70 mph (110 km/h) and a central pressure of 989 mb (29.21 inHg);[471] this would be its peak intensity. [214] After a Hurricane Hunters flight found evidence of sustained winds above hurricane force, Marco was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane at 16:30 UTC on August 23. [369] The system continued to gain strength and at 12:00 UTC it was designated Tropical Storm Delta, while located roughly 100 mi (160 km) south of Jamaica. [3] Laura steadily weakened after moving inland, dropping to tropical storm strength roughly 11 hours later over Northern Louisiana,[203] and then to a tropical depression over Arkansas early on August 28. Delta explosively intensified into a strong Category 4 hurricane before weakening and making landfall on the Yucatán Peninsula on October 7 as a high-end Category 2 hurricane. [133] In the Gulf of Mexico, where conditions were more favorable for development,[134] the system began to steadily organize as a broad low pressure area formed within it. Nous avons eu une année riche en dramas en tous genre, qui nous ont fait rire, pleurer, ou nous ont effrayés. [81], Damage was primarily limited to localized flooding, especially around canals, and an EF1 tornado caused minor damage in southern Miami. [453] Overall, more than 210 fatalities across Central America were attributed to the storm,[454] including 74 in Honduras, 53 in Guatemala, 27 in Mexico, 19 in Panama, two each in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and one in El Salvador. Klotzbach's team (formerly led by William M. Gray) defined the average (1981 to 2010) hurricane season as featuring 12.1 tropical storms, 6.4 hurricanes, 2.7 major hurricanes (storms reaching at least Category 3 strength in the Saffir–Simpson scale), and an accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) index of 106 units. [251] It moved eastward over the next day, and became post-tropical for the second time in its lifespan early on September 23[252] and subsequently dissipated. Comparé à l’ouragan de catégorie 3 Harvey, qui avait provoqué des inondations catastrophiques et fait 68 morts en 2017, « ce sera un épisode plus venteux », a expliqué le gouverneur. [179] The weakening cyclone's circulation became increasingly ill-defined, and Josephine eventually weakened into a trough of low pressure later that day. Le meilleur reste à venir ganzer Film (2019) ist verfügbar, wie immer in Repelis. [279] At around 09:45 UTC, the system made landfall at peak intensity near Gulf Shores, Alabama with winds of 105 mph (165 km/h) and a pressure of 965 mbars (28.50 inHg). [210] Initially hindered by its speed and unfavorable conditions in the eastern Caribbean, the wave began organizing once it reached the central Caribbean on August 19. 2020 . A total of 39 tornadoes touched down, the strongest being an EF3 tornado that struck a mobile home park near Windsor, North Carolina on August 4. [295] When the shear decreased, Teddy rapidly re-intensified into a major hurricane at 15:00 UTC that day. However, strengthening was halted as its central dense overcast was significantly disrupted when the storm entrained very dry air into its circulation from the Saharan Air Layer to its north. [33], Tropical cyclogenesis began in the month of May, with tropical storms Arthur and Bertha. DAS BESTE KOMMT NOCH - Le meilleur reste à venir ist eine Produktion von Dimitri Rassam im Verleih von Constantin Film. The namings of Vicky and Wilfred marked only the second time storms have been assigned names that start with "V" and "W" in the Atlantic, with the first instances being Vince and Wilma in 2005. lundi 5 octobre 2020 Modififié lundi 5 octobre 2020 à 15:27. L’ouragan Delta est le 26 e cyclone tropical, le 25 e nommé, le 9 e à atteindre le seuil d'ouragan et le 3 e celui d'ouragan majeur de la saison 2020 dans l'océan Atlantique. POUR . [485] Iota weakened to a high-end Category 4 hurricane at 03:00 UTC on November 17 as it approached the coast of Nicaragua. By 21:00 UTC July 21, satellite imagery and scatterometer data indicated that the small low pressure system had acquired a well-defined circulation as well as sufficiently organized convection to be designated Tropical Depression Seven. [450] Eta transitioned into an extratropical cyclone on November 13 while moving northeastward off the coast of the Carolinas. [364] The storm became post tropical six hours later just 85 miles north of the Yucatán Peninsula as it failed to redevelop any central convection. [6][7] As expressed in an op-ed of the Journal of the American Medical Association, "there exists an inherent incompatibility between strategies for population protection from hurricane hazards: evacuation and sheltering (i.e., transporting and gathering people together in groups)," and "effective approaches to slow the spread of COVID-19: physical distancing and stay-at-home orders (i.e., separating and keeping people apart)."[8]. [239] The storm moved generally west-northwestward over the central tropical Atlantic as it gradually intensified. Carte de la trajectoire des tempêtes - Carte où figurent les trajectoires actuelles et prévues des tempêtes en cours, que l'on surveille sur l'océan Atlantique. [158][159][160][161] Damage estimates exceeded US$4.725 billion, making Isaias the costliest tropical cyclone to strike the Northeastern U.S. since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. IOTA, qui est le 30ème système cyclonique et le 13ème ouragan de cette saison 2020 est le système cyclonique le plus extrême de cette saison Soutiens institutionnels; … [315] The depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Vicky five hours later based on scatterometer data. Les fortes pluies provoquèrent des inondations, des glissements de terrain, des dégâts aux infrastructures, aux habitations […] [357] Gamma began to quickly intensify after formation, almost reaching hurricane strength at 15:00 UTC on October 3. Voulez-vous le remplacer? As Cristobal moved further north into the Gulf of Mexico, dry air and interaction with an upper-level trough to the east began to strip Cristobal of any central convection, with most of the convection being displaced east and north of the center. Tropical Depression Ten also formed in late July off the coast of West Africa but quickly dissipated. It is only calculated for full advisories on specific tropical and subtropical systems reaching or exceeding wind speeds of 39 mph (63 km/h). [413] Although the Bermuda Weather Service anticipated that hurricane-force winds would not impact the island,[414] the Government of Bermuda warned residents to prepare for power outages and to check their emergency supplies. DU CSU/TMP . [22] On July 7, Colorado State University released another updated forecast, calling for 20 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. Eta bought heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the Cayman Islands and Cuba, the latter of which was already dealing overflowing rivers that prompted evacuations. Forecasts of hurricane activity are issued before each hurricane season by noted hurricane experts, such as Philip J. Klotzbach and his associates at Colorado State University, and separately by NOAA forecasters. As Laura passed through the Northern Leeward Islands, it brought heavy rainfall to the islands of Guadeloupe and Dominica,[206] and prompted the closing of all ports in the British Virgin Islands. As the storm accelerated northeastward and approached the Carolina coastline, wind shear relaxed, allowing the storm to quickly intensify back into a hurricane at 00:00 UTC on August 4,[153][154] and at 03:10 UTC, Isaias made landfall on Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, with 1-minute sustained winds of 85 mph (137 km/h). [253] In Lavallette, New Jersey, a 60-year-old man drowned while swimming after being caught in rough surf produced by Paulette. [500] In 2020, several highly devastating storms with Greek letter names, particularly Eta and Iota (which, under the current policy, would be retired as "Eta (2020)" and "Iota (2020)" respectively), prompted concerns from meteorologists, including retired Hurricane Specialist Unit chief James Franklin, that the current policy would defeat the purpose of name retirement.[501][502]. Three hours later, Nana made landfall between Dangriga and Placencia in Belize at peak intensity. The season was also the fifth consecutive season in which at least one Category 5 hurricane formed. The first hurricane, Hurricane Hanna, made landfall in Texas. coastline. L'onde tropicale numéro 21 pourrait devenir une tempête ou un ouragan dans les jours à venir Risques naturels. On June 1, the government of Mexico issued a tropical storm warning from Campeche westward to Puerto de Veracruz. [96] Significant rain fell across much of Southern Mexico and Central America. À peine vingt minutes plus tard, à 15 h 20 UTC, le NHC reçut le rapport d'un avion de reconnaissance établissant des vents de surface soutenus de 215 km/h, faisant … [25] On July 16, The Weather Company released an updated forecast, calling for 20 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major hurricanes. Le 3 novembre dernier, l’ouragan Eta touchait terre au Nicaragua. Modèles global et régional de prévision, Guide sur les prévisions de la cote air santé, Centre canadien des services climatiques répertoire, Les calculatrices de refroidissement éolien et humidex, Accédez à la page que vous souhaitez ajouter à vos favoris, ouvrez le menu des raccourcis météo et cliquez sur le bouton, Le nom de la page sera affiché dans la fenêtre, Sélectionnez le lien que vous souhaitez supprimer, Cliquez sans relâcher le lien et déplacez le à un nouvel endroit dans la liste, Sélectionnez le lien que vous souhaitez renommer. [461] Once the system began to reorganize in the Caribbean, tropical storm watches were issued on November 5, in the Cayman Islands. The area between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida took the brunt of the storm with widespread wind damage, storm surge and flooding, and over 2 ft (61 cm) of rainfall was recorded near Naval Air Station Pensacola. Tropical Storm Cristobal formed on June 1, coinciding with the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. [18] The UK Met Office released their outlook that same day, predicting average activity with 13 tropical storms, 7 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes expected to develop between June and November 2020. The floods killed one person in Praia on September 12. [79] Arthur caused $112,000 in damage in Florida. At least seven fatalities have been confirmed. [109] Unsettled weather later ensued, and the depression caused tropical storm-force wind gusts and moderate rainfall on the island early on July 5. Sur la carte, on reconnait dans quels endroits ou régions de la France des tempêtes ou des ouragans sont probables. Souvigny à venir. [138] Hanna continued to strengthen further, reaching its peak intensity with 90 mph (140 km/h) winds by 21:00 UTC on July 25, before making landfall an hour later at Padre Island, Texas. [nb 2] In late August, Laura made landfall in Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane, becoming the strongest tropical cyclone on record in terms of wind speed to make landfall in Louisiana, alongside the 1856 Last Island hurricane. [80], On May 27 a small, well-defined low with centralized convection developed off the coast of South Carolina and the system was classified as a tropical storm. The NHC began to track a tropical wave located over the central tropical Atlantic at 00:00 UTC on August 16. These areas were later upgraded to warnings and for the Gulf Coast, the warning was extended to the Okaloosa/Walton County line. Le meilleur reste à venir Das Anschauen des ganzen Films hat eine Länge von 181 Minuten. By the morning of October 25, its wind field was beginning to grow again as the hurricane began its extratropical transition; although it continued to produce inner-core convection. [136] The depression continued to become better organized in the gulf and was designated Tropical Storm Hanna at 03:00 UTC on July 24, while located about 385 mi (620 km) east-southeast of Corpus Christi, Texas. Comme indiqué sur la photo, ces tumultes prennent généralement naissance à Cap-Vert, une série de petites îles située à la hauteur du Sénégal en Afrique du Nord. The storm then moved over the northern Leeward islands, and it then strengthened as it approached Puerto Rico. [35] Edouard further intensified as it began its extratropical transition, reaching peak intensity of 1007 mbar (29.74 inHg) and maximum sustained winds of 45 mph (75 km/h) at 18:00 UTC that same day. Hear about some of the Fall and Halloween offerings headed to Magic Kingdom Park and Walt Disney World! [266], On September 10, the NHC began to monitor an area of disturbed weather over The Bahamas for possible development. [155] Following landfall, Isaias accelerated and only weakened slowly, dropping below hurricane status at 07:00 UTC over North Carolina. Convection soon redeveloped over Gonzalo's center as the system attempted to mix out the dry air from its circulation, but the tropical storm did not strengthen further due to the hostile conditions. Le meilleur reste à venir ganzer Film (2019) ist verfügbar, wie immer in Repelis. [175] Josephine's intensity began to fluctuate on August 14, as wind-shear affected the system, causing convection to be displaced from the circulation. [300] On the morning of September 20, the hurricane's internal structure deteriorated substantially, causing its eye to nearly dissipate,[301] and by 12:00 UTC Teddy had weakened to Category 2 intensity. [293] The storm continued to intensify, becoming a Category 2 hurricane later that day. [285] Ultimately, eight people were killed and damage estimates were at least $6.25 billion. [399] An eye soon became apparent on infrared satellite images, and Epsilon stregthened into a hurricane at 03:00 UTC on October 21. [410] In advance, Met Éireann issued yellow warnings for wind for the counties of Cork, Wexford, and Waterford,[411] and the Met Office issued the same for parts of Wales and North West England. Additionally, Paulette briefly reformed as a tropical storm before once again becoming post-tropical. [277] However, as Sally approached the coast, its eye quickly became better defined and it abruptly began to re-intensify. 182 likes. In 2020, Marvel Studios, DC Films, and Sony Pictures will be releasing several superhero movies that could make it one of the biggest years in the genre's history. [141] At 21:00 UTC on July 24, a hurricane warning was issued from Baffin Bay to Mesquite Bay, Texas, due to Hanna being forecast to become a hurricane before landfall. Jetzt Tickets kaufen für Das Beste kommt noch - Le Meilleur reste à venir am 24.08.2020 @ Open-Air-Kino-Heilbronn (Heilbronn) 16/11/2020 - 21:58 | Amérique centrale Iota, l'ouragan de catégorie 5 qui dévaste le Nicargua, 15 jours après le passage d'Eta La Nicaragua est à nouveau la proie d'un ouragan majeur. [238] At 15:00 UTC the same day, the NHC upgraded the system to Tropical Storm Paulette. The season featured a total of 31 (sub)tropical cyclones, all but one of which became a named storm. [373][376] Later that day, around 10:30 UTC, it made landfall near Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo as a Category 2 hurricane with wind speeds of 110 mph (175 km/h). PREVISIONS . 16.05.2020 - Sa Eintracht Frankfurt18.30 26 228 Borussia Mönchengladbach 17.05.2020 - So 15.30 26 233 1. However, storm formation is possible at any time of the year, as demonstrated in 2020 by the early formation of Tropical Storms Arthur and Bertha, on May 16 and 27, respectively. [213] Marco passed just offshore of Honduras and, as a result of favorable atmospheric conditions, quickly intensified to an initial peak of 65 mph (105 km/h) and a pressure of 992 mb, with a characteristic eye beginning to form on radar. Six hours later, an Air Force reconnaissance aircraft found that it had attained tropical storm strength. Après le concept Kangoo Z.E. [426] Zeta continued to strengthen until it reached its peak intensity of 110 mph (175 km/h) and a minimum pressure of 970 mbar (28.64 inHg) as it made landfall in Cocodrie, Louisiana at 21:00 UTC. [241] On September 11, despite a very harsh environment, Paulette began to re-intensify. Based on Doppler weather radar and buoy data, the system attained peak winds of 50 mph (85 km/h) shortly before moving inland near Isle of Palms. [354][355] In Spain, the front associated with Alpha caused a train to derail in Madrid (no one was seriously injured), while lightning storms on Ons Island caused a forest fire.