Cosgrove William R Pvt 33rd Armor 8/29/1944 36475123 Infantry from the Chair, Dr Gary Polonsky. Money Robert L Pfc 36th Inf 35243108 Infantry Rands William A Pfc 36th Inf 37046283 Infantry Miller Martin F Pfc 36th Inf 36970636 Infantry Brest led 3-0 at halftime through midfielder Paul Lasne, striker Gaëtan Charbonnier and forward Irvin Cardona. Holland Frank W Sgt 36th Inf 12/10/1944 38387976 Infantry To qualify for high honors, students must earn a … Baker William C Pvt 32nd Armor 11/3/1944 37269369 Infantry Mason Paul C Jr Cpl 33rd Armor 35849281 Armor Gennette James V Cpl 54th FA 12/28/1944 30152405 Armor Hoover Earl F Tec 5 83rd Recon 10/22/1944 36213333 Cavalry Infantry Stevens James F Cpl 33rd Armor 32746034 Armor Smith Leroy A Cpl 33rd Armor 31013288 Infantry Larson Edward E 2 Lt 33rd Armor 9/7/1944 01018402 Armor Hanes Ernie S Sgt 183rd FA Bn 7/28/1944 Field Artillery Sparks Hubert S Sgt 36th Inf 6928958 Infantry Armor O'Brien Lee D 1 Lt 36th Inf 0-462282 Infantry Edwards John E 2 Lt 703rd TD Bn Armor Stackhouse Charles M Pfc 36th Inf 32920689 Infantry Howard Harold W S Sgt 23rd Engr Bn 6/29/1944 37119826 Engineers Flores Johnnie W Pfc 36th Inf 12/12/1944 39156523 Infantry Trevino Juan G Pvt 32nd Armor 12/6/1944 38363936 Medical Corps Swan Lenard L Pvt 36th Inf 34818853 Infantry Baumgartner Dale E Pfc 36th Inf 12/10/1944 35348968 Infantry Richards Ernest E Pvt 703rd TD Bn Armor Baldauf Herbert H Tec 5 33rd Armor 9/17/1944 36166479 Infantry Rodgers Willie C Tec 5 32nd Armor 35254046 Infantry Shafer George E Pvt 32nd Armor 18131022 Armor Buch Nelson B Cpl 33rd Armor 7/9/1944 38032909 Armor Frazer John G Tec 5 83rd Recon 10/11/1944 38044258 Cavalry Johnson Albert E Pfc 83rd Recon 36024198 Cavalry Schwarz Julius A Tec 5 83rd Recon 36036422 Cavalry Buckley Ross J 1 Lt 32nd Armor 2/28/1945 01996327 Infantry Kelley Parle P Cpl 33rd Armor 39724123 Infantry Engram John P Tec 4 Maint Bn 11/14/1944 14000278 Ordnance Tricarico Frank A Pfc 36th Inf 4/17/1945 42175055 Infantry Barker Monzel Sgt 33rd Armor 3/30/1945 35275136 Armor Clark Richard J 2 Lt 32nd Armor 11/25/1944 01015898 Cavalry Brook Robert D 2 Lt 67th FA 6/29/1944 01166677 Armor Booher Jack J Pfc 36th Inf 8/17/1944 33750769 Infantry Tesson Neal Pfc 36th Inf 9/10/1944 37629201 Infantry Beaty James F Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 8/8/1944 33540656 Engineers Tarlecki Stanley J Tec 5 33rd Armor 12/24/1944 16061710 Armor Durbin Harvey L Pvt 83rd Recon 1/17/1945 18126108 Cavalry Morgan Ray A Pvt 83rd Recon 36991075 Cavalry Korn Elias E Pfc 36th Inf 3/26/1945 33485424 Infantry Hrivnak Joseph A Cpl 33rd Armor 12/23/1944 33411912 Infantry Fell John A Tec 5 33rd Armor 8/29/1944 31389762 Infantry Giverson John E Pvt 83rd Recon 9/20/1944 36841078 Cavalry Tolley William R Pvt 33rd Armor 7/17/1944 34284482 Infantry Lee Leon W Pfc 33rd Armor 14042178 Infantry Yeomans Prentice E Lt Col 83rd Recon 4/18/1945 0-016454 Cavalry Idom Walter B T Sgt 36th Inf 7000472 Infantry Turnbough Williard A S Sgt 36th Inf 4/16/1945 37629105 Infantry Pritchett Clyde R Tec 5 36th Inf 36037189 Infantry Horgan Cornelius J Pfc 36th Inf 8/13/1944 12064282 Infantry Wall Elmer D Pvt 33rd Armor 8/9/1944 35478810 Infantry Wright James A Pvt 36th Inf 8/1/1945 12209070 Infantry Barbalinardo Benjamin Sgt 703rd TD Bn Armor Meisenheimer Vernon Cpl 32nd Armor 37010822 Infantry Gibbs Roy E Pvt 183rd FA Bn 7/28/1944 Field Artillery Mikosky William J Pfc 67th FA 31064100 Armor Williams Jack O Pvt 36th Inf 8/10/1944 35875303 Infantry Siek Glenwood R Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 37264635 Engineers Witteveen Louis P Tec 5 703rd TD Bn Armor Miller Albert J Tec 5 32nd Armor 37110622 Infantry Lewis Joseph E Pvt 67th FA 1/16/1945 36336865 Armor Nichols Silas Pvt 36th Inf 34572231 Infantry Garrick Edwin W Pfc 36th Inf 1/7/1945 32903974 Infantry Miller William C S Sgt 36th Inf 35046759 Infantry Listing of authors who have works in this repository as of January 18, 2021. Johnson William C Pfc 33rd Armor 35873097 Infantry Perri Ernest Pfc 36th Inf 36855509 Infantry Testa Salvatore J Pvt 33rd Armor 9/24/1944 35235451 Armor Brokamp Joseph J Tec 5 33rd Armor 12/23/1944 35124286 Armor Slackta George A Cpl 32nd Armor 1/23/1945 36169332 Armor Taylor James B Col HHC 3AD 8/2/1944 0-006623 Cavalry Stofflet Norman K Pvt 36th Inf 9/22/1944 42105160 Infantry Guidry Levy A Jr S Sgt 36th Inf 8/17/1945 34230517 Infantry Kahler George J Tec 5 83rd Recon 35568757 Cavalry Eggleston Walter P. Sgt 703rd TD Bn Armor Ledbetter Bruce H Pvt 36th Inf 34117008 Infantry Lopez Santiago H Pvt 36th Inf 38014064 Infantry Shoenaker Leonard A Pvt 36th Inf 37513138 Infantry Renahan John M Pfc 54th FA 32311937 Armor Ridnour Oren E Pfc 36th Inf 37071549 Infantry Judkins Leon F Pvt 36th Inf 9/27/1944 31421561 Infantry Davis Charles T Pfc 36th Inf 4/21/1945 14023941 Infantry Gatens Leo P S Sgt 32nd Armor 2/28/1945 35262053 Armor Lade Dale L Cpl 32nd Armor 17165425 Infantry Curry Wallace Sgt 36th Inf 7/8/1944 35171470 Infantry Gibson John W Pvt 33rd Armor 3/2/1945 34949753 Armor Cardona Ernest E 2 Lt 36th Inf 1/8/1945 0-533835 Infantry ... Drapeau Roland L Cpl 32nd Armor 8/2/1944 31059822 Infantry ... Kirscht Irvin M Pvt 83rd Recon 36042826 Medical Corps Kishbaugh Carl E Cpl 36th Inf 32937448 Infantry Kisiel Stanley T Pfc 83rd Recon 31417773 Cavalry Gri Giovanni Pfc 703rd TD Bn Armor Miles Curtis L Pvt 36th Inf 7003571 Infantry Gerstein Irving Pfc 33rd Armor 4/13/1945 32530697 Armor Steele Norman W Tec 5 143rd Signal Co 4/16/1945 15326297 Signal Woodrome John C Pfc 36th Inf 4/6/1945 36980204 Infantry Tracy Willford E Cpl 32nd Armor 8/3/1944 36038117 Infantry Cutshall Howard L Pfc 36th Inf 2/27/1945 33760762 Infantry Horton Robert E Pfc 391st FA 8/2/1944 32350160 Armor Iseman Marion P Pvt 33rd Armor 6936744 Infantry Kanatas Chris T 1 Lt 36th Inf 01319751 Infantry Wood James O Sgt 83rd Recon 7/8/1944 34165356 Cavalry Olson Eric T SSgt 991st FA 9/4/1944 32099318 Field Artillery Endrizzi Charles N Sgt 36th Inf 8/15/1944 36217363 Infantry Conley Clyde Pvt 36th Inf 8/2/1944 35266023 Infantry Lillich Paul F Tec 4 36th Inf 37120186 Infantry Tillman James W Sgt 36th Inf 8/18/1944 34174321 Infantry Harmonson William F Pvt 32nd Armor 8/16/1944 33784803 Armor Terwilliger Floyd D Pvt 32nd Armor 7/13/1944 34283940 Armor Wuerdeman Milford G Pfc 36th Inf 1/23/1945 37729058 Infantry Wood Guy L Pfc 36th Inf 8/5/1944 34766494 Infantry Stephens Angus R Pfc 36th Inf 34889041 Infantry Mazzano Julio C Pfc 54th FA 31050221 Armor Wollak Michael R Sgt 36th Inf 7/31/1944 36036578 Infantry Swegon James A Pvt 33rd Armor 33732104 Infantry Johnson Elmer A Pfc 36th Inf 9/7/1944 36212622 Infantry Cwiek Joseph E Pvt 36th Inf 8/1/1944 36892286 Infantry Kane John B 1 Lt 36th Inf 8/8/1944 01290954 Infantry Hendrix Carl R Pvt 83rd Recon 11/16/1944 34739431 Cavalry Carter Jess W 1 Lt 33rd Armor 8/8/1944 01010825 Cavalry Unger Louis Pvt 36th Inf 11/2/1944 42061408 Infantry Popielarski Vincent Pfc 36th Inf 11/17/1944 36228287 Infantry Hebert Joseph C Tec 5 32nd Armor 9/14/1944 31381105 Infantry Boyden Richard W Pvt 83rd Recon 4/17/1945 30112362 Cavalry Graham Playford A Pvt 67th FA 8/30/1944 33264361 Armor Dotterweich Robert J Cpl 703rd TD Bn Armor Spoto Samuel Jr Pvt 36th Inf 42026252 Infantry 786-677-0587 Kalet Elek. Carroll George E Tec 5 33rd Armor 12/26/1944 35734233 Infantry Baise Collis A Jr Tec 5 83rd Recon 4/18/1945 35933333 Cavalry Woodworth Carl C Pvt 36th Inf 9/17/1944 37683054 Infantry Scally Marvin E Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 34796046 Engineers Chernek Rudolph D Sgt 33rd Armor 8/19/1944 33082520 Infantry Ferketich Joseph M Pvt 36th Inf 8/14/1944 36041401 Infantry Lauria Anthony L Pfc 83rd Recon 33693591 Infantry Duff Edward B Pfc 36th Inf 4/16/1945 31467322 Infantry Michelle has 1 job listed on their profile. Block Walter A Pfc 36th Inf 6/29/1944 38110950 Infantry Estevez Louis Pvt 32nd Armor 9/3/1944 14080842 Infantry Tober Raymond B Pfc 36th Inf 6/29/1944 38042962 Infantry Sherrard Clarence R Pfc 54th FA 36167658 Armor Nixon Loyd F Tec 5 33rd Armor 38041674 Armor Lewis Charles B Sgt 33rd Armor 34070486 Infantry Blonigen Harvey A Sgt 67th FA 3/2/1945 36212762 Armor Graby Roger L Pvt 33rd Armor 3/5/1945 37698151 Infantry Corps LeMay Howard W Pvt 33rd Armor 36213189 Infantry Brashier Porter Pvt 36th Inf 12/25/1943 34397889 Infantry Rand Melvin C Cpl 703rd TD Bn Armor Bednarz Edward Pfc 33rd Armor 8/21/1944 32602534 Infantry Hankins Wendell T Cpl 33rd Armor 11/17/1945 37110541 Infantry Hood Arthur A 2 Lt 83rd Recon 3/30/1945 01032802 Cavalry Infantry Mahoney Daniel P Pfc 36th Inf 35275233 Infantry Thomas James Pfc 36th Inf 8/6/1944 33692581 Infantry Gaffney James R Pfc 36th Inf 9/28/1944 37250447 Tomik John J Pfc 36th Inf 3/3/1945 42121351 Infantry Sumner Curtis A S Sgt 36th Inf 37086856 Infantry Berton Leno L Pfc 36th Inf 4/13/1945 31433747 Infantry Brown Charles A Pfc 23rd Engr Bn 7/9/1944 36327188 Engineers Hope Albert W 1 Lt 33rd Armor 12/20/1944 01010062 Infantry Schneier Morris Sgt 33rd Armor 32193368 Infantry Loflin Roy V Pfc 83rd Recon 12/23/1944 34594167 Cavalry Michael Joseph R Tec 4 33rd Armor 9/8/1944 36036538 Armor Leibovitz Sidney Pvt 36th Inf 36878231 Infantry Sauve Raymond Pvt 32nd Armor 37096044 Infantry Smith Jay J Pfc 36th Inf 36198270 Infantry Goodson Marvin L S Sgt 36th Inf 12/12/1944 36157337 Infantry Coker James E Pfc 67th FA 10/29/1944 34803642 Armor Martin Harold L Pvt 32nd Armor 36480324 Infantry Kurdyla William S Pvt 33rd Armor 42187783 Armor Schafer Theodore F Pfc 36th Inf 36181731 Infantry Randall Delno E Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 9/11/1944 39205505 Engineers Miller John W Pfc 83rd Recon 9/16/1944 39245612 Cavalry Davis Harry E Pfc 36th Inf 3/4/1945 15042910 Infantry Watson John E Capt 54th FA 9/23/1944 0-382386 Armor Barbaza William Cpl 32nd Armor 8/4/1944 16150239 Infantry Murphy Ray E Pvt 33rd Armor 37431797 Infantry Bacon William E 1 Lt 23rd Engr Bn 9/17/1944 O456491 Engineers Fisher James C Tec 5 33rd Armor 12/23/1944 37016812 Infantry Lemire Paul R Pvt 36th Inf 1/9/1945 31392404 Infantry Mitchell Leroy Pfc 36th Inf 34167974 Infantry Morgan Norman R Pvt 83rd Recon 42084758 Cavalry Richardson Paris C S Sgt 33rd Armor 4/8/1945 36077905 Armor Rozza Felix J Pvt 32nd Armor 32268281 Infantry Brown Orvil H Tec 5 83rd Recon 7/11/1944 38022001 Cavalry Green Everett L Pfc 36th Inf 10/19/1944 31318248 Infantry Mooney John H Pfc 36th Inf 34838283 Infantry Humphrey Albert T Pfc 36th Inf 3/30/1945 38676229 Infantry Schultz Joseph F Sgt 23rd Engr Bn 36327275 Engineers Strutz Louis Pfc 703rd TD Bn Armor McAndrew John J Pvt 36th Inf 12/11/1944 32258728 Infantry Cortez Presentacion Pvt 36th Inf 9/5/1944 38584303 Infantry Bland Ocie Tec 5 32nd Armor 9/3/1944 38217137 Infantry Ferry Frank C Tec 5 83rd Recon 9/19/1944 12054821 Medical Corps Stein Charles Pfc 36th Inf 37552398 Infantry Phelps Leslie P Pvt 32nd Armor 36037739 Infantry DeMarco Frank J Tec 5 703rd TD Bn Armor LeClair William Pvt 32nd Armor 11052455 Infantry Becklund Harold S Tec 5 HHC 3AD 7/9/1944 39383351 Infantry Coolen Wilfred D Pvt 33rd Armor 9/22/1944 31429517 Armor Guthrie Howard I 1 Lt 33rd Armor 8/2/1944 01010780 Infantry Peters Lavern E Sgt 33rd Armor 37058586 Infantry Simone Tony P Pvt 36th Inf 32949560 Medical Corps Martinez Robert Pvt 36th Inf 18062476 Infantry Hull Edwin D Tec 5 83rd Recon 8/28/1944 39016656 Cavalry Shields John E Cpl 23rd Engr Bn 32233576 Engineers Cobb Jodie W Pfc 36th Inf 1/14/1945 07006703 Infantry Salomon Arthur B Pvt 83rd Recon 42037231 Field Artillery Fanning Truman Tec 5 391st FA 1/7/1945 38041919 Armor Hutto Homer T Pfc 54th FA 1/15/1945 34138503 Armor, I Smith Fred C Jr S Sgt 36th Inf 35366720 Infantry Nickels Thomas A Pfc 36th Inf 3/3/1945 36834852 Infantry Chocolatey is trusted by businesses to manage software deployments. Hazelwood Willie J Pvt 32nd Armor 2/27/1945 06887315 Infantry Porter John R Pfc 32nd Armor 32349906 Medical Corps Nauful George C Jr 1 Lt 36th Inf 01011922 Infantry Turula Victor S Sgt 23rd Engr Bn 8/8/1944 37032176 Engineers Ivey Howard Jr Tec 5 33rd Armor 34652677 Infantry, J Students who have earned a minimum grade-point average of 3.500 to 3.699 are named to the Dean's List. Lundstrom Arnold A Pfc 33rd Armor 3/5/1945 37573959 Armor Perkins Floyd T Tec 5 33rd Armor 37086746 Infantry Dixon Loyd F Tec 5 33rd Armor 3/6/1945 38041674 Armor Lesko Mike D Pfc 36th Inf 35925731 Infantry Escue Jess E Pfc 36th Inf 10/17/1944 35775109 Infantry Munyan Earl S Sgt 32nd Armor 32065540 Infantry Hansen Robert J Tec 5 143rd Signal Co 3/12/1945 37110905 Signal Hummel David W 2 Lt 36th Inf 9/10/1944 01325818 Infantry Trask Philip E Cpl 33rd Armor 1/10/1945 31429600 Infantry Fowler Clifford J Tec 5 33rd Armor 9/22/1944 37016224 Infantry Bird Ted Pfc 36th Inf 4/1/1945 38583871 Infantry La Londe Munro J 2 Lt 32nd Armor 01017170 Young Claude T Tec 5 32nd Armor 7/13/1944 37129999 Infantry, Z Wagner William A Pfc 23rd Engr Bn 6/30/1944 32235763 Engineers Morris Frank T Jr 2 Lt 83rd Recon 3/5/1945 0-477432 Cavalry Robinson William B Pfc 33rd Armor 34138553 Infantry Mills Oland C Pfc 36th Inf 33905901 Infantry Doherty Jack B 2 Lt 83rd Recon 10/16/1944 01012091 Cavalry Burrow Merl J Pvt 36th Inf 9/5/1944 38591850 Infantry Fabri Joseph Pvt 33rd Armor 1/13/1945 35917908 Hughey Robert W Pfc 67th FA 9/8/1944 37130000 Armor Wieczorek Frank J Pfc 36th Inf 8/1/1944 36213140 Infantry Gilli Albert F Pfc 33rd Armor 7/31/1944 31064582 Infantry Teare William E Pvt 36th Inf 8/15/1948 36892174 Infantry Thompson William J Pvt 67th FA 10/8/1944 31354086 Armor See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Michelle’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Young Joseph B Pvt 36th Inf 8/10/1944 34842783 Infantry Vetter William R Sgt 36th Inf 8/14/1944 36054025 Infantry Kallish Larry F 2 Lt 183rd FA Bn 7/28/1944 O-1173669 Field Artillery Myrand Harry Sgt 33rd Armor 32802012 Armor, N Young Leonce Sgt 36th Inf 4/9/1945 34153863 Infantry Estes Elmer 1 Lt 32nd Armor 1/6/1945 01016934 Infantry Gjersvold George A Pvt 36th Inf 1/27/1945 37580080 Med Cops Hart Lercy G Jr 1 Lt 67th FA 4/19/1945 01171379 Armor Gardner Richard L Pvt 33rd Armor 8/18/1944 36698258 Infantry Curnutt Harry L Pfc 36th Inf 7/11/1944 14020464 Infantry DiGiovanni Thomas G Tec 5 32nd Armor 1/16/1945 38489199 Armor Kuhta Michael F 2 Lt 391st FA 9/7/1944 0-538657 Armor Clement Vernon Tec 4 33rd Armor 12/22/1944 38099530 Infantry Danforth John A Sgt 32nd Armor 4/6/1945 36884252 Armor Douglas John W Pfc 36th Inf 10/20/1944 36960886 Infantry Fleak Robert C Cpl 32nd Armor 4/15/1945 37446740 Armor Walkowiak George E Tec 5 67th FA 10/25/1944 36038186 Armor Callahan Joseph B Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 4/14/1945 36645449 Engineers Roloff Paul J Pvt 33rd Armor 36472482 Armor Perkins John W Pfc 36th Inf 14016560 Infantry Conrad Charles A Cpl 36th Inf 9/17/1944 38194163 Infantry Scantlin Carl A Pvt 32nd Armor 37729258 Infantry Tschida Louis B Pfc 83rd Recon 3/2/1945 35896250 Cavalry It is with great pleasure that Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) recognizes the following students' academic achievement in being named to the President and Dean's List for the fall 2020 semester. Dorris Archie U Pfc 32nd Armor 9/18/1944 39838358 Infantry McGowan Anthony J Cpl 33rd Armor 12054880 Infantry Bayston Kenneth E Cpl 33rd Armor 10/4/1944 36397374 Infantry Grisdale Alfred G Cpl 32nd Armor 7/9/1944 36118210 Infantry Hitson J T Pvt 36th Inf 12/25/1944 34917015 Infantry Downing Harold E Tec 5 33rd Armor 12/18/1944 33081260 Armor Carpenter Nicholas D Major 32nd Armor 8/14/1944 0-327043 Infantry Burchett Junior R Tec 5 32nd Armor 3/30/1945 34607715 Armor Yeoman William R Jr Pvt 36th Inf 7/31/1944 12042275 Infantry Cooper Dale C Pvt 36th Inf 1/11/1945 36970428 Infantry Flight George E Pfc 36th Inf 7/10/1944 36042960 Infantry Hughes Edward E Pfc 36th Inf 4/2/1945 35295438 Infantry Spainhour William E Sgt 36th Inf 34771576 Infantry Emery David P Pvt 36th Inf 10/17/1944 37723726 Infantry Strommen Eldor J Pfc 67th FA 37311892 Armor Corpening Glenn R Pvt 33rd Armor 4/18/1945 34867549 Armor Crist Ralph L Tec 4 33rd Armor 11/16/1944 06937910 Armor Evans Irwin F 1 Lt 33rd Armor 12/25/1944 0-349165 Cavalry Miller Ervin B Sgt 33rd Armor 1/11/1945 37095357 Armor Lazore Earl R Tec 4 33rd Armor 31037718 Infantry Mussatto James J Pvt 23rd Engr Bn 36327197 Engineers Stigen Leland L Pfc 36th Inf 37553472 Infantry Keimel Richard O 1 Lt 32nd Armor 10/23/1944 01012092 Armor Hancock John L Tec 4 67th FA 8/16/1944 20831379 Armor 3rd Armored Division Soldiers Jaglarski Casimer S Pfc 36th Inf 36908249 Infantry Young Charles H Jr Pfc 36th Inf 12/25/1944 31352583 Infantry Pellicci Carlo Pvt C Btry 486th AAA Bn Marzolf Harold Tec 5 83rd Recon 36313513 Cavalry Bezubick Anthony J Sgt 23rd Engr Bn 12/16/1944 33139502 Engineers Turney Pierce W Pvt 36th Inf 12/25/1944 20829935 Infantry Hey William A Sgt 32nd Armor 1/7/1945 32481975 Infantry Smith Arthur G Tec 4 33rd Armor 1/5/1945 32211927 Armor Miller Martin F Pfc 36th Inf 36970636 Infantry Hernandez Albert Pfc 33rd Armor 11/17/1945 39581850 Infantry Hillman Norman Pfc 36th Inf 7/14/1944 12055511 Infantry Simon Murray Pvt 36th Inf 8/9/1944 42058091 Infantry Taylor Clarence L Pvt 36th Inf 12/24/1944 34967822 Infantry Meske Eldor H Sgt 36th Inf 9/24/1944 37120491 Infantry Secesman Richard H Pvt 36th Inf 35842864 Infantry Newton Paul A Pvt 33rd Armor 14010321 Armor Zens Maurice C Pvt 32nd Armor 8/17/1944 36336255 Infantry Watson Leamon W Pfc 36th Inf 3/8/1945 14020404 Infantry Note: This only includes people who have Public Search Listings available on … 786-677-9383 Catori Klimczak. Lazaric John L Pvt 36th Inf 36036387 Infantry Fortner John A T Sgt 36th Inf 4/10/1945 14017835 Infantry Blakely Alvin E Jr Pfc 32nd Armor 3/31/1945 33765206 Armor Reiss Kenneth E Pfc 32nd Armor 12/24/1944 33141790 Armor Scadden Walter Tec 5 183rd FA Bn 7/28/1944 Field Artillery Washburn Stanley L Pfc 33rd Armor 9/23/1944 32211880 Infantry Raduta Frank J Tec 5 54th FA 1/17/1945 33148965 Armor Iames Lloyd A 2 Lt 32nd Armor 12/17/1944 Paquette Roland J S Sgt 33rd Armor 31008322 Infantry Ostendorf Orval O Cpl 33rd Armor 3/3/1945 37120260 Armor Grippin Warren W Pfc 83rd Recon 9/21/1944 37528941 Cavalry Schooley Xon Cpl 32nd Armor 36038082 Infantry Renyer Lester J Pfc 33rd Armor 39565086 Medical Corps Cantrell Sam Tec 5 36th Inf 4/20/1945 34738729 Infantry Rigdon Francis W Pfc 33rd Armor 2/27/1945 37016629 Armor Beese Harold W Sgt 83rd Recon 8/14/1944 36078023 Cavalry Little Fred D 1 Lt 36th Inf 8/31/1944 01011788 Infantry Voss Clifford V Pfc 36th Inf 7/12/1944 38043650 Infantry Koslowski Charles A Pvt 33rd Armor 36335612 Infantry Husting Aloys P Tec 5 33rd Armor 12/25/1944 36212927 Armor Evans Harlan W Sgt 32nd Armor 11/21/1944 15089804 Armor Sterrett Harold M Tec 5 33rd Armor 9/10/1944 38008547 Armor Skrabonia William J Pfc 33rd Armor 10601256 Infantry Recan Elwood A Pvt 33rd Armor 32927434 Infantry Butler Eugene R Sgt 36th Inf 4/15/1945 37673733 Infantry Matthews Delbert J Pfc Maint Bn 11/14/1944 36313499 Ordnance Neumann Clarence R Pvt 36th Inf 9/26/1944 36464546 Infantry Broncich Mark P Pvt 391st FA 3/15/1945 32183144 Armor Jadak Joseph Pfc 83rd Recon 32209538 Cavalry McGhie James Capt 33rd Armor 01010288 Infantry Oliaro Albert D Tec 4 33rd Armor 37016097 Infantry O'Donnell Thomas F Pfc 36th Inf 13051653 Infantry Sarver William A 2 Lt 67th FA 01170962 Armor Bentsen Chester D Cpl 33rd Armor 11/16/1944 32870653 Armor Curry James V S Sgt 33rd Armor 7/15/1944 14017243 Infantry Stainbrook Herschal Pfc 36th Inf 35357611 Infantry Kasdorf Harold W Pvt 36th Inf 36839019 Infantry Moreau Robert A Sgt 32nd Armor 37132047 Infantry Cupp Lloyd M Pvt 32nd Armor 9/5/1944 38043899 Infantry Heikes John C Pvt 83rd Recon 2/27/1945 35237797 Cavalry Karvela Hero E Sgt 36th Inf 36403934 Infantry Manchik Louis J Tec 5 32nd Armor 36118099 Infantry Johnson Calvin 1 Lt 33rd Armor 01293261 Infantry King Francis A Sgt 33rd Armor 33169666 Infantry Stroud Lyle L Pfc 36th Inf 36864599 Infantry Burns Leo P Pvt 36th Inf 9/17/1944 06997516 Medical Corps Martin Clarence D Pvt 36th Inf 36878324 Infantry Carroll Jesse L Jr Sgt 32nd Armor 1/4/1945 34240172 Armor 38360628 Cavalry Huni Herman 1 Lt HHC 3AD 9/3/1944 01588652 QM Corps Kirschbaum Eugene P Pfc 33rd Armor 37660467 Infantry Rosenhoffer John J Pfc 36th Inf 35672600 Infantry Ohlendorf Norbert H Tec 5 32nd Armor 12/23/1944 36397298 Armor Mishler Hyman Pvt 36th Inf 42050926 Infantry Loftin Forrest L Pfc 36th Inf 35243274 Infantry Gunkel Joseph J Cpl 991st FA 9/5/1944 20248699 Field Artillery Walker Charles F Pfc 36th Inf 6/29/1944 37011049 Infantry Williams Richard W Pvt 32nd Armor 2/28/1945 31472320 Armor 786-677-4558 Darlyne Colangelo. Giuga Daniel C Pfc 83rd Recon 3/2/1945 42029992 Cavalry Sukalski Edward J Tec 5 33rd Armor 17048267 Infantry Foley Ambrose J Pfc 36th Inf 8/29/1944 38193766 Infantry Grandstaff Sammy A T Sgt 36th Inf 9/21/1944 37095998 Infantry Werner Arnold B S Sgt 36th Inf 1/4/1945 37120070 Infantry Thompson Walter H Sgt 32nd Armor 3/5/1945 36158051 Armor Light Robert C Pvt 33rd Armor 35224513 Infantry Bennett Paul H S Sgt 36th Inf 11/13/1944 39701167 Infantry Luck Vernon E Tec 5 32nd Armor 36078106 Infantry or use Rucker John M Pfc 36th Inf 34805136 Infantry En Juin 2013, nous avons mis en place un nouveau service de relation entre joueurs et clubs. Thompson William R Sgt 33rd Armor 8/9/1944 37110813 Infantry Przybyla Leonard Pvt 33rd Armor 32836065 Infantry Hastings James T Pfc 36th Inf 8/9/1944 34180322 Infantry Sabo John Tec 5 67th FA 36118274 Armor Rooney John C 2 Lt 33rd Armor 01016120 Infantry Poultney Lewis D Tec 4 33rd Armor 10/25/1944 36118773 Armor Budzik Joseph J Pvt 36th Inf 7/12/1944 35046781 Infantry Christiansen Christ A Pvt 36th Inf 9/19/1944 39145234 Infantry Weaver William W Tec 5 D Btry 486th AAA Bn Evans Jack G Cpl 391st FA 7/9/1944 31036131 Armor Prostko Fred M Pvt 33rd Armor 36312107 Infantry Hartner Raymond D Pfc 36th Inf 10/17/1944 33687123 Infantry Hecker Herbert C Pfc 33rd Armor 1/15/1945 37585025 Infantry Varnum Willis I Pfc 33rd Armor 8/4/1944 34202504 Infantry Cooney Charles T T Sgt 36th Inf 9/19/1944 36078016 Infantry Peterson Henry W B Cpl 33rd Armor 37110712 Infantry Tengi Joseph G 2 Lt 36th Inf 3/25/1945 01049370 Infantry Rosenblum Paul Pvt 83rd Recon 33799033 Cavalry Smith Hilton A Pfc 36th Inf 9/17/1944 34547654 Infantry Van Hoose Howard Pvt 36th Inf 4/15/1945 35777373 Infantry Deemer Clyde G Pfc 36th Inf 9/7/1944 33766849 Infantry Maas Myron E T Sgt 36th Inf 12/14/1944 06557147 Laycock John W Pvt 36th Inf 9/13/1944 36171245 Infantry Scott Leland C Tec 4 32nd Armor 9/13/1944 15101946 Armor Todd Kenneth D Pfc 36th Inf 1/6/1945 37721863 Infantry McIntyre Donald K Pvt 36th Inf 33711288 Infantry Elsner Henry E Tec 4 32nd Armor 12/24/1944 36213217 Infantry Niehaus Harold E Cpl 32nd Armor 12/11/1944 37201145 Armor