Ticket system can be a little difficult, ask your hotel reception or tourist info. In April 2015, Helsinki City Transport (HKL) approved a plan for funding tram network projects for 2016–25. The city councils of Helsinki and Espoo approved the construction project in June 2016,[23][24] after the state of Finland decided to participate in funding the construction. Date of experience: July 2020. Olympialaituri → Maistraatintori. Together, these two will effectively double the track length of the network. Trunk line 550 ("Jokeri") extends to the Espoo municipality. After you have logged in you may, for example, fill in and send forms or sign up for courses. [20] At the time in 2008, HKL stated that a different line would be routed to Merikatu in the case that line 9 would go to Jätkäsaari instead. Date of experience: December 2019. Read more. The construction of new housing in the former harbour area of Kalasatama began in 2011. "Helsinki tram tour with public is a great way to explore the most popular tourist attractions of the Helsinki city. Moovit gives you HSL Tram suggested routes, real-time tram tracker, live directions, line route maps in Helsinki, and helps to find the closest 7 tram stations near you. Links. The routes are clear and the trams are usually on time. Modern green tram in Helsinki. Clean, fast, and frequent, trams are the most useful – and charming – way of accessing Helsinki’s main tourist areas. [28] The proposal gained public interest,[29] and on 4 April 2009 the City Planning Board of Helsinki mandated that an official study would be made on a tram line linking Munkkiniemi to Arabia or Kalasatama via Pasila and Kumpula, with provisions made for further extension of the line to Otaniemi in the west and to Viikki in the east.[30]. Tickets can be purchased from the conductor on board the tram. HKL Tram Unit operates the tram transport ordered by the Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and is in charge of maintaining and upgrading the trams. Customize it. The tramway to the new district of Kruunuvuorenranta over a new, kilometre-long bridge was left to be planned separately, as the design of that line is dependent on a number of other decisions, including whether to close down the Hanasaari coal-fired power plant. In addition to this, we provide HKL Infra Services with various maintenance and repair services related to track and electricity infrastructure. We'll find the best routes and schedules. Choose from the best hotels and activities. HSL collected comments from the public on several different alignment options in March and April 2012. The Kruunuvuorenranta bridge is planned to be a future landmark in Helsinki, a 1 km long cable-stayed bridge for trams, pedestrians and bicyclists. [4][9][10][11][12] As of December 2017, lines 7, 8 and 9 are routed on Jätkäsaari according to the plan approved in 2015 (see Reorganisation). In addition to the above, expansion of the tram network from Arabia to Viikki, Käpylä to Koskela and Pikku Huopalahti to Haaga have been mentioned as potential long-term projects.[5]. Tramway 4. Trajectory of the route on the map. You can choose between a motor car from 1909 or an open summer trailer from 1919. The experience with Helsinki tram system was wonderful. Tram lines run along green alley, tram station Rautalammintie. There is a severe lack of ticket automats at stations which may make the attempt of taking a tram next to impossible. Tram traffic, fleet maintenance and fleet upgrades are managed by Helsinki City Transport (HKL). These plans are subject to continuous reviews and changes. Viittomakieli | Teckenspråk, Suomi | Svenska | English | Pусский | Deutsch | 日本語, Suomi | Svenska | English | Eesti keel | Français | Pусский | Soomaali | Türkçe | Español | بالعربية | 中文 | فارسی. It could, however, connect with the future Jokeri line in Itäkeskus. It is planned to provide a quick connection to the city center from the new district of Kruunuvuorenranta (under construction as of May 2015) as well as existing suburbs on the island of Laajasalo. various trams, and streetcars of Helsinki Finland in high quality video. Inspiration for a “15-Minute City” Action Plan January 8, 2021 Timo H. Leave a comment A possible legacy of the coronavirus pandemic is the accelerated advancement of sustainability goals, which are mostly things we should have been addressing before the ongoing societal disruptions. Share. As of December 2017, only the final phase of the Jätkäsaari tramways remains to be built, connecting the new ferry terminal in the southwestern corner of the island to the current return loop at Saukonpaasi (currently the terminus for lines 8 and 9). The Helsinki pub tram. Sign in with your bank identification, mobile certificate or certificate card. Line 6 awaits the completion of new tracks to Hernesaari. [5][14][15] As of May 2015, these are to be completed in 2021 and 2023 (see Funding plan). The Helsinki tram network will be expanded in the next few years. Read more. Email nick@finlandlocalguide.com for a booking. Preventive mental and substance abuse work, Elderly housing and institutional services, Information and social services counselling, Employment support and social rehabilitation, School children’s afternoon activities at playgrounds, Renewal of curriculum of upper secondary schools, Preparatory training for vocational education, Outdoor food sales and mobile food facilities, Environmental supervision, permits and instructions, Information on fleet, track and stops (HKL). No internet available? Clean, safe and on Time. The bus lines that serve the area carry about 5 million passengers per year as of 2012, which is a sufficient ridership for a tram line. This plan only covers HKL's investment for part within the borders of Helsinki. No reviews. City public high-tech electric vehicle in industrial European metropolis. A complete day-by-day itinerary based on your preferences. The building of tramways in Jätkäsaari has proceeded along with the construction of the buildings of the new district. Write a reviewLeave a review about this route Add to favorites On the map. 2 Helpful votes. Other recommended trams are lines 4 (architectural tour) and 6 … Trams operate from about 5:30–23:20 Monday to Saturday and from 7:00–23:30 Sunday. A large rail yard in Pasila, which was used for handling freight rail traffic to Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama, was also freed up. Free travel with Helsinki Card applies to all vehicles: trams, buses, the metro, commuter trains and Suomenlinna ferry. Write a reviewLeave a review about this route Add to favorites On the map. Trams operate from about 5:30–23:20 Monday to Saturday and from 7:00–23:30 Sunday. The total length of the route network was 8.5 kilometres. ... Plan your trip to Helsinki. This would provide additional capacity and a faster route in the direction of Mannerheimintie. [38] The allocations of funds are in millions of euros. Helsinki. When you sign in for the first time, you are asked to register. Departures every 30 minutes. Oletko kokeillut omaolo.fi palvelua? The completion of this stretch has been projected for 2025. Improvements to the connectivity and capacity of the network, "Raitioliikenteen linjastosuunnitelma, kokonaiskartta, tilanne 2024", https://www.hel.fi/uutiset/fi/helsinki/lansisatama-uusi-terminaali, Helsingin kaupunki: Kaupunkisuunnitteluvirasto, "Helsingin kaupunginvaltuusto päätti: Kruunuvuorenrantaan rakennetaan Suomen pisin siltayhteys", "Munkkivuoren raitiotietä suunnitellaan keväällä 2012", http://www.espoo.fi/fi-FI/Asuminen_ja_ymparisto/Valtuuston_paatoksia_1362016(94196), Antero Alku, Janne Peltola & Jonas Wahlbeck, "Liikenneinvestointien talousarvioehdotus vuodeksi 2016 sekä investointiohjelmaehdotus v. 2017-2025", "Liikenneinvestointien talousarvioehdotusvuodeksi 2013 sekäinvestointiohjelmaehdotus vuosiksi 2014-17", "Historiallinen lisäys Helsingin rataverkkoon", "Johdinautoliikenteen toteutettavuusselvitys", "Helsinki: Current plans on developing the tram network", "Jokeri-linja halutaan raiteille jo 2016", "Raitiolinja 9:ää aiotaan yhä jatkaa Etelä-Helsinkiin", "Trollikka voi tulevaisuudessa kuljettaa matkustajia Helsingissä", "Esisuunnitelma raitiolinjasta Itä-Pasila – Arabia", "Helsingin kantakaupungin raitioteiden laajennukset", "Joukkoliikenteen yhteydet Kumpulan kampukselle", "Metron ja pikaraitiotien yhteensovittaminen", "Enimmäkseen upeita lautakunnan kokouskuulumisia 21.8.2008", "Ykkönen, riesasta ongelmanratkaisijaksi", "Kokouskuulumiset: joukkoliikennelautakunta 11.12.2208", "HKL:n johtokunnan kokouskuulumiset 30.4.2009", "Jätkäsaaren joukkoliikenteen järjestäminen", "Helsingin liitosalue saattaa jäädä kokonaan ilman metroa", "Laajasalon raidevaihtoehtojen järjestelmätarkastelu 2008", "Lausunto valtuustoaloitteesta (Wallden-Paulig) koskien eteläisen Helsingin joukkoliikenneyhteyden palauttamista", "Joukkoliikennekadun tilalle tarjotaan kampusratikkaa", "Pikaraitiotietä kaavaillaan Porvooseen asti", "Raide-Jokerin alustava yleissuunnitelma, suunnittelun ja mitoituksen lähtökohdat", "Valtuutetut penäävät ysilinjalle muutoksia", "Raide-Jokeri Alustava yleissuunnitelma 2009", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Planned_extension_of_the_Helsinki_tram_network&oldid=961364230, Articles with dead external links from March 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from May 2020, Articles containing potentially dated statements from August 2012, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kruunuvuorenranta bridge (including track and electrification), Jätkäsaari, extension to new ferry terminal. The ten lines in 2024 according to the plan are as follows[3] (see reference for a map): A number of short segments of new track in areas already covered by the network are being planned in order to improve the connectivity and capacity of the network. Trams are the main mode of public transport in the inner city. [7] The connection to Ilmala in the north was planned in 2008 to be completed in 2013,[12] but as of 2012, current projections have postponed the completion to 2017. This tramway was one of the proposals in a 2006 study named "Ratikka 2015" ("Tram 2015"). Experience the olden days on a vintage tram ride! After that, you will gain access to your own e-services folder. Helsinki Tram METRO: Helsinki (Helsingfors in Swedish) is the capital of Finland with 610,000 inhabitants and some 1.4 million in the metropolitan area (incl. The planned tracks would run along Topeliuksenkatu from Runeberginkatu to Mannerheimintie, in parallel to the tramway on Mannerheimintie. New tracks are planned along Fredrikinkatu between the junctions at Bulevardi (south end) and Malminrinne/Urho Kekkosen katu (north end) to connect this gap and provide a parallel north–south connection to the congested main tramway along Mannerheimintie. [2] The plan is meant to respond to the changing transportation needs as the new districts of the city in former brownfield sites (Jätkäsaari, Hernesaari, Kalasatama, Keski-Pasila, Kruunuvuorenranta) are built. The Helsinki tram network forms part of the Helsinki public transport system organised by Helsinki Regional Transport Authority and operated by Helsinki City Transport (Finnish: Helsingin kaupungin liikenne, Swedish: Helsingfors stads trafikverk) in the Finnish capital city of Helsinki. Their Tram lines cover an area from the North (Helsinki) with a stop at Pohjolanaukio to the South (Helsinki) with a stop at Länsiterm. Without exaggerating, trams are the most important bit of public transport you’ll need in central Helsinki. Omaolosta löydät sosiaali- ja terveyspalveluita, nopeasti ja esteettömästi, ympäri vuorokauden – vaikka kotisohvalta käsin! The Helsinki City Rail Loop is an underground loop of the commuter railway network that would distribute passengers to three new underground stations in central Helsinki. The city council of Helsinki decided on 31 August 2016 to build a tramway to the island of Laajasalo,[16] located to the east of Helsinki city centre. Laajasalo’s Yliskylä, Finland’s first hybrid city block to combine a transport depot and housing, has been proposed to be built in the vicinity of the final stop of the future Crown Bridges (Kruunusillat) tram … The Executive Board of HSL approved the tram network plan in February 2015. See route stops on the map. Click here for a brochure describing the stops. The Topeliuksenkatu tramway is widely considered to be a requirement for further extensions of lines 4 and 10, which include the Munkkivuori extension. The tram service is commissioned and planned by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). Travelling easily in the inner city. Explore the essence of the capital city with the Finland Local Guide. Gold Coast, Australia 231 contributions 119 helpful votes. Suomi | Svenska | English | Deutsch | Français | Pусский, Suomi | Svenska | English The largest confirmed projects are the 25-kilometre (16 mi) trunk line 550 ("Jokeri") and the 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) connection in the direction of East Helsinki to the island of Laajasalo, which will include the longest bridge in Finland. It is operated by the Helsinki City Transport Corporation under organisation of the Regional Transport Authority of Helsinki. Bus 65. No reviews. Helsinki City Council has approved a detailed plan for the city’s tram-depot city block. Riding around Helsinki viewing the sights on a heritage tram with a beer in hand. If you are looking to travel in the city center, then trams are the only means of transportation. Bus lines that currently continue to the city centre would terminate at the Käpylä station, where the passengers could make a connection to commuter trains or an extended tram line 1. Up to 50% off [27] The proposed line, provisionally numbered line 5,[28] could either utilise the disused freight railway line in Southern Kumpula[27] or only existing tram tracks, including a stretch on Sturenkatu between Mäkelänkatu and Hämeentie that is presently only used for depot movements. [10][13] The stretch to Eiranranta is projected to be completed in 2018 and the extension to Hernesaari in 2024. In the previous phases, tracks were extended from Ruoholahti to Saukonpaasi (opened 1 January 2012), from Kamppi to the old ferry terminal (opened 13 August 2012), from the old to the new ferry terminal (opened February 2017) [8] and from Jätkäsaarenlaituri along Välimerenkatu street to the return loop at Saukonpaasi (opened August 2017). T2.Their most western stop is Saunalahdentie (Helsinki) and the most eastern stop is Arabianranta (Helsinki). Maistraatintori → Enjoy unlimited travel … Helsinki Tram System: Trams 2 or 3 offer a cheap tour of Helsinki. [1] Below is a list of confirmed and proposed future expansions of the network. We baught online HSL tickets which allows to travel on any public transport for the limited duration which was very convenient. Helsinki Tram System, Helsinki: See 1,756 reviews, articles, and 408 photos of Helsinki Tram System, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 336 attractions in Helsinki. Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) has prepared plans for an extension to the residential area of Munkkivuori. See why over 865 million users trust Moovit as the best public transit app. The possibility of extending the lines 1 and 1A to the Käpylä railway station (or further to Oulunkylä) in the north and rerouting the same lines through the unused tracks on Linjat in Kallio have been brought up as possible future projects to improve passenger numbers on the unpopular line. For instance, most of the items listed here are delayed compared to the plan approved in 2012. A construction of a light rail or tram system has also been proposed as a possible solution of arranging public transport in the Östersundom area annexed by Helsinki from Vantaa and Sipoo on 1 January 2009. jlp9202 wrote a review Jan 2020. See route stops on the map. [4][5][6]. Stock image by Chasdesign. The gauge was one metre. [25] The construction of the 25-kilometre (16 mi) light rail line, without rolling stock or a depot, is projected to cost €274 million as of June 2016, with rolling stock and a depot projected to additionally cost up to €95 and €65 million. - See 1,756 traveller reviews, 408 candid photos, and great deals for Helsinki, Finland, at Tripadvisor. Trip planner → List of routes → Tram route 2 on the map of Helsinki. The concept of the plan is to make the most of the existing track network and to assume only minimal construction of new track. Helsinki Card CITY holders are entitled to unlimited travel within the zones AB for the duration of their pass; 1, 2 or 3 days. Trajectory of the route on the map. Line number 9, opened in August 2008, was originally planned as early as 1990 to link Ilmala with Merikatu in southern Ullanlinna. Jätkäsaari will be served by lines 7, 8 and 9, and line 6 will be routed to the new district of Hernesaari. Le tramway d'Helsinki a été créé en 1891. Tickets can be bought online as well, however for us even that proved tricky. Bus 66. The total length of new double track, including tramways on Laajasalo itself, is about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi).[17]. The city of Helsinki has plans for a radical expansion of the tram network within the 2021–2035 time horizon, as laid out in the Helsinki City Plan, approved by the City Council in October 2016. Trip planner → List of routes → Tram route 7 on the map of Helsinki. The rail line is preliminarily projected to open in 2021. Helsinki’s extensive tram network is used daily by roughly 200,000 passengers. The new North-East Helsinki bus network will be launched on 14 August 2017 as outlined in the bus network plan. Tram traffic, fleet maintenance and fleet upgrades are managed by Helsinki City Transport (HKL). However, in the first phase of construction, the northern part of the route was truncated into Itä-Pasila in order to cut costs, while the southern terminus was placed in Kolmikulma due to opposition to tram tracks by people living along the planned new line. Pretty basic tram system in central Helsinki. Refine your plan. There is a limited capacity on the tram so early arrival is recommended. The tour takes 15–20 minutes. On this page, you can find maps of stations, route maps and timetables for individual routes in printable format. The trams ar Helsinki is developing all four areas as new mixed-use urban districts, and in each case, the city decided to base the public transport in these areas on extensions to the tram network. By 2025, line 6 will be rerouted from its current termini at Hietalahti and the Jätkäsaari ferry terminal to Hernesaari via Eiranranta. Suomi, Helsinki, Finland. To begin with, the route network only ran in one direction. L'électrification des lignes fut progressive et il y eut des tramways tirés par des chevaux jusqu'en 1901. Helsinki 135 contributions 80 helpful votes Try tram in Helsinki, only 2,80€. The new detailed plan covers the so-called “tram block” of Laajasalo, a city block accommodating a tram depot. The bus lines have been criticised for being slow and having unpredictable running times. Helsinki’s extensive tram network is used daily by roughly 200,000 passengers. Bus 615. An extension of the Helsinki Metro was originally planned as the main form of public transport for this area, but on 20 February 2009 a newspaper reported that a light rail system is being studied as an alternative to supplement or replace the Metro connection to this area due to the lower costs of a light rail link. The Helsinki Tram network is an integral part of the public transportation network of Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. The use of bi-directional trams was considered for the tramway extensions,[7] but in the end, HKL decided to build the tracks with conventional return loops and to dismantle temporary loops as necessary. What could be better? Similar routes. [19] Interlacing the tracks on some sections on Korkeavuorenkatu is under consideration as a space-saving measure, allowing a larger amount of parking space to be maintained along the street. Espoo and Vantaa). Various versions of the lines and routes to Jätkäsaari have been proposed since the beginning of the planning. Les premières lignes fonctionnaient avec des chevaux. [33] Östersundom is located in eastern Helsinki, and as such the proposed new system would be completely unconnected with the currently existing tram system. Major changes to bus routes in North-East Helsinki, minor changes elsewhere. The trams are very much connected to every part of the city. Taking the tram, especially lines 2 or 3, is a fantastic and affordable way to sightsee in Helsinki. Not to mention that not everyone even has the necessary … [21] The southern terminus of line 9 was ultimately extended to the West Harbour ferry terminal in Jätkäsaari and opened for traffic on 13 August 2012. Subsequently, HKL stated they would be "actively acting to expand the tramline to Merikatu". In April 2015, Helsinki City Transport (HKL) approved a plan for funding tram network projects for 2016–25. This page was last edited on 8 June 2020, at 01:47. Bus 67. [32][33] If built, the light rail link could be extended as far east as Porvoo. The reorganisation is to be carried out in stages in 2016–2024. The trunk bus line 550, formerly branded Jokeri ("The Joker", after Joukkoliikenteen kehämäinen raideinvestointi – "A circular rail investment for public transportation"), will be converted to light rail. The route will include three new bridges, the longest of which will be the longest in Finland at 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi), and its pylons one of the tallest structures in Helsinki. In addition to lengthening the line, moving the line from Kaarlenkatu and Helsinginkatu to Fleminginkatu in Kallio was proposed on 10 October 2008.[12]. The Helsinki City Council approved an alteration to the detailed plan for Laajasalo’s Yliskylä at the City Council meeting of 4 November 2020. Box 1, 00099 CITY OF HELSINKI, Corporate customers can authenticate themselves for Helsinki’s electronic services with Suomi.fi credentials from the start of 2021, It is not possible to book times electronically for influenza vaccinations right now, Täydennä puhelinnumerosi terveydenhuollon henkilötietoihin, Applications for Swedish Early Childhood Education Submitted through ASTI Online Application System from 12.8. onwards. Bus 67N. According to the plan, the 2/3 and 7A/7B loops will be changed to linear routes and a new, short, peak-time line number 5 from Katajanokka ferry terminal to the Central Railway Station will serve ferry passengers. Helsinki has one of the oldest electrified tram networks in the world. Les premières lignes fonctionnaient avec des chevaux. The meeting point was easy to find, the price of the trip very reasonable as was the beer. The proposal for after the city rail loop construction for surface traffic includes a new bus terminal at Käpylä. Similar routes. Helsinki. However, the system is really difficult to access. Selkokieli | Lättläst spark Get a personalized plan. Sparakoff Pub Tram is located in Helsinki. Trams are the main form of public transport in the inner city. [22] However, there is no decision on the funding or construction of the extension. The meeting point was easy to find, the price of the trip very reasonable as was the beer. The tram service is commissioned and planned by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL). A semicircular light rail line is planned to connect Espoo (Keilaniemi) in the west with Itäkeskus in the east (25 km) [Project Website] From Hakaniemi, a series of bridges is planned to connect Laajasalo island by tram [Project Website] Photos. There were no stops—you could get into the tram … Book it. The extension has been debated since the district was built in the 1950s. The suburbs are spread out along the coast and to the north, whereas jobs are mainly concentrated in the city centre. The opening of the Vuosaari Harbour in 2008 freed up harbour areas in Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama near the city centre, as well as the oil terminal in Kruunuvuorenranta on the Laajasalo island, for development. Tram Bus Metro Train Bike Taxi The ferry to Suomenlinna Buying tickets. A follow-up to last year's visit, https://youtu.be/8efwEA58SYA. [31] A 2012 proposal for the reorganization of surface traffic after the completion of the "Pisara" connection included an extension of line 1 to the Käpylä station, but for a different reason. Planned extension of the Helsinki tram network The city of Helsinki has plans for a radical expansion of the tram network within the 2021–2035 time horizon, as laid out in the Helsinki City Plan, approved by the City Council in October 2016. Rode route 4 across the city centre, to the transport museum. Although shortly before the opening of line 9 HKL stated the continuation to Merikatu had been abandoned permanently,[18] within weeks of the opening of the line, extending the route to Merikatu was again proposed, due to complaints from inhabitants of Ullanlinna following the termination of bus line 17. At least two tram lines are planned to be extended into the Kalasatama area, one from the city centre in the south over new bridges (alignment to be decided), and one from the west from Hämeentie. The construction of tram lines in Helsinki began in 1890 and regular tram traffic in 1891. The allocations of funds are in millions of euros. Riding around Helsinki viewing the sights on a heritage tram with a beer in hand. Helpful. The board of HSL approved a plan for the reorganisation of the tram lines on 10 February 2015. [37] These plans are subject to continuous reviews and changes. To be able to use the service, please register and sign in to the service using bank codes, mobile certificate, certificate card or Katso ID for enterprises and organisations.