Or, one of them, to be precise. Plus, it’s nearly impossible for the stem to get accidentally folded while riding, which has been a very serious and dangerous fault in many other scooter models. However, the Kugoo S1 Pro is a pleasant surprise here. It is strongly recommended you use the charger that came with your scooter and not a different one. It is very useful for any type of commute, but it’s also great for pure pleasure rides. Some users have complained that the scooter is not very sturdy. Kugoo S1 Pro Roue arrière. Nonetheless, people think this is a fair fight. Second, the scooter comes with a good front and rear spring dampener active suspension system, which further softens the blows and provides better stability. For the use cases where the Kugoo S1 Pro is better, I say there’s no reason not to pick it instead of the Xiaomi M365 Pro. That, in my opinion, is great news. Besides that, the weight capacity of the Kugoo S1 Pro is at 120 kilograms, which is also not that common in a budget scooter. The scooter will come assembled, you will not have to mess around with anything. Istoric si comparatii preturi pentru Trotineta Electrica DC-Kugoo S1 Pro, Roti 8 inch, Autonomie pana la 30 Km, Viteza Maxima 30 Km/h, Cruise Control, Motor 350W, Aluminiu, Negru + Cadou Mini Husa Dynamite de pe eMAG / CEL While that scooter also did well, it did have some shortcomings that users complained about. Kugoo is establishing its position as a top budget scooter brand in the European market. Kugoo have listened and addressed the issue, enlarging the deck to 43 x 15 cm. The Kugoo S1 Pro is a hoot. With that weight and volume, it is perfect for commuters, people changing transport systems a lot, last-mile situations, people that live in buildings with no elevators… the list is huge. To charge the battery, follow these steps in the exact order for maximum efficiency and battery lifespan: You should charge the battery after every ride (at night is the best, as you won’t need the scooter, it will be ready in the morning, and electricity is cheaper). As most veteran owners will tell you, the app becomes less and less important as time goes by. Even if you don’t use the scooter, it is recommended you charge it at least once every three months to help prolong the battery lifespan. Chez Geekbuying, nous sommes des passionnés de technologie qui aiment partager les derniers gadgets avec des gens du monde entier. ou payez en 4x 9,19 € dont 0,86 € de frais. The scooter has foldable handlebars as well, which make the scooter additionally portable and easy to carry and store. A lesser, but still noticeable improvement was the addition of the side lights to the new model. And what if I told you that you would get all of this in a very lightweight, very portable scooter that you can carry with you everywhere? Plus . La Kugoo S1 Pro dispose d’un écran LCD affiche directement les données de vitesse, kilométrage, temps, puissance, etc, que l’on peut changer via ses boutons présents sur l’avant du boîtier. NB. Half a year after the standard model’s release, they released the upgraded Pro version. Kugoo S1 Pro : environ 20 km d’autonomie. Wearing parts like the handlebar grip and the saddle have a 14 day warranty. Contrast that with some Ninebot or Swagtron models, that have had so many battery deaths or motor breakdowns after one month, that it’s a wonder how they’re still in use. Of course, as we all know, that is rarely the case in the real world. I love electric scooters, so I decided to make a blog about them. Maintenant, à choisir entre la S1 et la S1 Pro, je recommanderai la S1 car les avantages de la version Pro ne valent pas la différence de prix. It will usually weigh around 15 kg. Boosted Rev Complete Review – The iPhone Of Electric Scooters, NanRobot LS7 Review – Wow is the Only Thing You Can Say. It has a rated power of 350 Watts, operating at 700 rotations per minute, with a maximum torque of 13.3 Newton-metres. KUGOO a été fondé l'année 2015 par une équipe d'experts dans le domaine des scooters électriques. Plus, the screen shows almost everything you need to know. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The Kugoo S1 Pro has often been compared against the Xiaomi M365. The color accents are mostly blue and green, giving it a very techy look. If you buy some products through my links, I earn a small commission at no additional expense to you, and you sometimes even get a discount by using the links here as well. Users report top speeds anywhere from 24 km/h (usually heavier adults) to 32 km/h in ideal scenarios, and even 34 km/h when going slightly downhill. Naturally, it can’t be all good news. The Kugoo S1 Pro comes with a modern brushless DC motor in the front wheel. I’d recommend starting with the budget first. There are also two speed versions available, one with a top speed of 30 km/h, and one with a top speed of 25 km/h for countries and regions where that is the maximum allowed top speed for electric scooters. The right thumb lever is for accelerating, and the left one is for braking using the electromagnetic brake. Confronté au nombre croissant d'automobiles émettant des substances nocives pour l'environnement, KUGOO a lancé son premier best-seller de scooter électrique «Cool Green», protégeant l'environnement et aidant des millions de personnes à faire la navette de manière innovante et innovante. With that battery capacity, charging this scooter fully during off-peak hours will cost you $0.02 on average, and about $0.03 during peak hours. Join the exclusive. As usual, the scooter comes with three speed modes: You can adjust the handlebar to one of three heights, including the base height when the stem is completely inside the tube. La Kugoo S1 Pro, habituellement référencée à 320 euros, voit quant à elle son prix passer à 290 euros avec le code GKB224S . Kugoo S1 Pro est alimenté par un moteur sans balai 350 W évolué qui permet d'atteindre une vitesse maximale de 30 km / h. Il est conçu avec une mécanique optimale pour assurer des sorties plus douces. You can choose between several colors and color schemes, including black, white, and several interesting combinations. It has a rated power of 350 Watts, operating at 700 rotations per minute, with a maximum torque of 13.3 Newton-metres. The Kugoo S1 Pro has a few deficiencies. And with the solid tires, I think this scooter can make the Xiaomi 365 bow its head in shame. This is very interesting and good to know – a lot of their scooters, across a lot of online shops and stores, have starling reviews, and none of their models have ratings below 4 stars! Moteur ; ... Pneus Scooter Électrique À Haute Vitesse De Roue Arrière De Pneus Pour Kugoo 8 Pouces_O8871 A31298 - Ywey. KUGOO S1 Pro Scooter électrique pliable 350W Moteur Ecran d'affichage à cristaux liquides 3 Modes de vitesse Max 30km / h - Noir $399.99 $329.99 112 The number one reason for defects on arrival or after short periods of usage? Kugoo S1 / S Pro Trottinette électrique partie Moteur + roue avant pour scooter électrique pliant KUGOO S1 : infos et prix. Beaucoup plus massive que la S1 de la même marque, elle ressemble plutôt à une Xiaomi M365 ou une Ninebot ES2.Elle possède un moteur de 350 watts permettant d'atteindre 25 km/h, ce qui est la vitesse maximale en vigueur en France. They are located on the sides of the handlebars turn signals, thanks to which you don't have to show gestures while driving and so on expose to danger. One more tangible issue may be the relative noisyness of the scooter. I think the point of this scooter is to be lightweight and portable, and you can’t have it both ways here. Trottinette électrique Kugoo Trottinette électrique kugoo m2 pro pliant moteur 350w écran d'affichage à led 3 modes de vitesse max 25 km / h pneu de 8,5 pouces - argent Il dispose d'une batterie au lithium haute capacité de 7,5 ah, 18650, ce qui permet une portée plus longue et des vitesses plus élevées. Probably the biggest thing the Kugoo S1 Pro misses is an app. Kugoo S1 Pro est l'un des e-scooter les plus avancés ne pesant que 12 kg, ce qui le rend extrêmement transportable avec sa conception pliable. La Kugoo S1 Pro reste sur des pneus pleins, mais avec une nouveauté non négligeable ! It advises the usual precautions for safe scooter riding: wear your helmet, only one person at a time, don’t ride in wet weather or on wet surfaces, both hands on the wheel etc. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of Cookies .I agree. Points communs entre la Kugoo S1 et la Kugoo S1 Pro : Sécurité : La trottinette électrique Kugoo S1, et sa version Pro, adoptent la technologie de freinage électronique qui peut être combinée avec le freinage manuel (au pied en appuyant sur le garde boue). The screen is a modern, multicolor, multifunction LCD screen that is well-visible both in the night but also on very bright days as well. The box will also include the charger with the cable, the manual, and a free cool carrying bag for the scooter they give you for free, made to fit the exact scooter dimensions when folded. Le nom "Pro" est un clin d'œil au trottinette électrique Mi de Xiaomi, même s'ils ne partagent pas la même liste de prix. For the battery and charger, it’s 6 months. And all of that was done for a price increase of just $20. Of course, the tradeoff for that is less comfortable rides. La première fois le démarrage peut surprendre. This applies to most types of terrains. The Kugoo S1 Pro is the most underrated budget electric scooter of our time. The Kugoo S1 Pro is a true dream for value shoppers. One of the things that makes the Kugoo S1 Pro very tough and durable are its solid honeycomb 8-inch tires, making it fully immune to flats. Kugoo S1 Pro Roue arrière. It has one of the lowest defect rates out of all the budget scooters ever. The Kugoo S1 Pro comes with a full warranty on most parts for 12 months. Many of them will probably be little more than a nuisance, but it’s possible they are a bigger issue for someone. The most important one is probably the improved battery and battery life that the Kugoo S1 Pro brought. EScooterNerds.com is a participant in affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. I like doing a lot of research on various models and brands, looking for great value and performance, both through data and experience. And the Kugoo S1 Pro hits Xiaomi M365 where it hurts it the most – the S1 Pro doesn’t suffer from flats, which has been the bane of Xiaomi M365. Du coup cette trottinette S1 peut rouler jusqu'a 30 km / h ! Clearly the Kugoo S1 Pro is a great balance between value and quality. I jets récompensés. Folding the scooter is both convenient for portability and very simple. The front LED light is very strong and visible at night. Besides the booklet manual that you will receive with the scooter, you can also download the manual from the Kugoo website as a Word document. It is a very fun, enjoyable experience to ride it. The motor is powerful enought to provide climbing angles of 15 degrees, which is almost unheard of in a budget scooter. La S1 Pro est également dotée de 3 vitesses différentes : 13km/h, à 18 km/h et 25 km/h pour notre modèle. You will be hard-pressed to find a scooter this good for that price. La Kugoo S1 Pro est une trottinette électrique vendue aux alentours de 320 euros. Kugoo S1 Pro : Avis et Test Vidéo – Trottinette électrique. Kugoo S1 Pro 36V 7Ah 350w Livraison offerte par COLISSIMO OU DPD Predict Sac wildman non vendu S.A.V Français Garantie 2 ans kugoo Les pneus avant et arrière de Kugoo S1 Pro ont une bande de roulement très absorbante et antidérapante de plus il ont étais améliorée en nid d'abeilles . La Kugoo S1 Pro est l'une des plus avancés pesant seulement 12 kgs qui la rend extrêmement portable avec son design pliable pour votre … Il n'y a aucune protection antivol. Xiaomi M365 Pro is almost double the price. Nous vous présentons le test de Kugoo S1 Pro ainsi que les avis sur ce trottinette électrique. Kugoo n’est pas un constructeur de trottinette… Vite, découvrez nos réductions sur l'offre Kugoo kirin s1 pro sur Cdiscount ! While I try my best to keep this information up to date, keep in mind that it may be outdated at times, so make sure to double-check when buying.

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